Reaching New Heights


Beauty care is a high-innovation category. Whether launching a novel, never-before-seen technology, tweaking an existing product format or applying old materials in new ways, brands are finding creative strategies to elevate products and the consumer’s experience.

This month, we celebrate the beauty world’s diversity of ingenuity, including:

  • Connected packaging that brings brands alive on-shelf and beyond 
  • Madison Reed’s AI-assisted hair color shade selection
  • Olay Duo’s Dual-Sided Body Cleanser, which has created an experiential twist on a legacy brand
  • YouCam’s augmented reality livestreaming app 
  • Mother Dirt/AOBiome’s bacteria-rich skin care research 
  • Emerging ingredients that defend the skin from infrared light, pollution and more 

The nature of this industry (and the reason I love covering it) is such that by the time this article appears in print and online, several new, noteworthy beauty care innovations will have emerged. The future is bright.

Also this month, we introduce the latest in our monthly market report series: Natural Beauty and Personal Care and U.S. Bath & Body. These reports comprise the latest annual market values, segment data and insights, offering you and your teams a compact resource for brand and marketing strategies, product development and more. Look for additional reports each month, and if you missed last month’s Global and U.S. Color Cosmetics Market Reports or our list of Top Global Beauty Care Companies, just visit and click on our April issue.

See you next month.

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Editor in Chief
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