P&G Beauty & Grooming Highlight Research at AAD Meeting

Research set to be presented by P&G Beauty & Grooming scientists at the 71st Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) examines skin care science from multiple perspectives, offering insights into new ingredient formulations, skin care regimens and more. P&G Beauty & Grooming has 22 studies on display at the event, taking place March 1–5 in Miami Beach, and topics such as cellular bioenergetics, skin fatigue theory and scientific breakthroughs in management of stress-related sweat are being addressed.

"P&G Beauty & Grooming is thrilled to have nearly two dozen posters on display at AAD this year and looks forward to sharing our research and findings. Our team's hard work has, among others, informed innovations in skin energy research with the Olay brand and led to a deeper understanding of stress sweat, spurring Secret brand product development," said Phil Marchant, global scientific communications director with P&G Beauty & Grooming. "Innovation is at the core of our brands, and P&G Beauty & Grooming scientists are proud to use this event to showcase our findings and collaborate with thought leaders in the field of dermatology."

The following research titles are just a sample of the science that P&G Beauty & Grooming will share at the AAD Annual Meeting:

  • Appearance of Uneven Facial Texture is Improved by a Facial Moisturizer Containing Cosmetic Ingredients that Boost Cellular Energy
  • Impact of Oxidative Stress on Cellular Bioenergetics in Older Aged Fibroblasts: Ability of Niacinamide to Prevent and Restore Metabolic Pathway Efficiency and Energy Production
  • Significant Protection from Event Sweat—Without a Prescription
  • Improvement in Facial Skin Appearance by a Cosmetic Treatment Regimen: A Case Study in Identical Twins
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