New Interactive Shopping Experience From Clinique Debuts In-store

Clinique continues to drive consumer service innovation by developing innovative and exciting ways to enhance the shopping experience. Clinique’s “Service as You Like It” concept offers multiple levels of service and new ways to shop for beauty products. Building on this success, Clinique introduces its new  Experience Bar, an evolution in product sampling at counter at Bloomingdale’s 59th Street in New York.

“There has always been an inherent relationship between beauty and emotion,” said Lynne Greene, global brand president of Clinique, Origins and Ojon. “By allowing consumers to explore and interact with our products through a variety of discovery methods that surprise and delight, Clinique continues to connect with our consumers through an intensely personalized experience.”

Clinique’s Experience Bar uses a variety of sensorial triggers to engage consumers while simultaneously educating them on treatment offerings. Boasting a new, hygienic vehicle for sampling, consumers are invited to explore whatever products pique their interest.

Consumers are attracted to the Experience Bar through its colorful, visually impactful display that plays a stream of videos as well as still images of the products exhibited at the bar. There are several points of entry to the bar, including “Concerns and Solutions,” “Serums,” “Moisturizers” and “Top Sellers,” each highlighting a selection of Clinique’s treatment products as well as locally relevant selections.

The experience continues through consumers’ sense of touch and hearing. With the press of a button, a musical tune unique to each product surprises the consumer along with a sample of the chosen formula delivered via air pump technology.

Known for providing consumers with an educational experience at counter, the Experience Bar is supported by a proprietary Apple iPad program that provides additional information on each featured product as well as the chance to use Clinique’s self-guided skin care diagnostic tool. The diagnostic tool processes over 180,000 product combinations that match each consumer’s personal needs, and at the end of the consultation, consumers receive a printout or have the option of e-mailing the list of product recommendations to themselves. And by the end of July, the Clinique Apple iPad Skin Diagnostic Tool at Bloomingdale’s 59th Street will be available in nine languages, including English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Farsi and Portuguese.

The new Experience Bar will help evolve the consumer experience and drive innovation, aiming to continually make Clinique’s “Service as You Like It” proposition more exciting, relevant and engaging.  Lotte Jamsil in Seoul, Korea also recently introduced the Experience Bar this past month, and it will be introduced in London’s Selfridges this fall, as well.

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