New Patents, Facilities, and More Beauty Ingredient News and Launches for Early July 2013

schülke announced it has been granted new EU and U.S. patents, further strengthening its Euxyl PE 9010 preservative blend and its position in the market. These patents are part of schülke’s ongoing research and development efforts in the area of protection from microbiological contamination of products and people, insuring that customers always receive quality products.

Alban Muller International announced an investment of €2 million in a new drying facility for plant extracts by zeodration. Already equiped with zeodration equipment since 2002, Alban Muller chooses to proceed with its development to remain loyal to its approach of environmental respect.

Recently trademarked by Presperse, the term Skinflamm-Aging refers to the result of a complex combination of processes resulting in thin, dull, uneven skin with fine lines and rough texture. These are the exact signs of aging that are counteracted by using Luminesse, a powerful and fast-acting ingredient from Presperse developed to help restore the glow of youthful skin. The recent approval by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office of the trademark for the term Skinflamm-Aging further highlights the uniqueness of Luminesse’s approach to restoring aging skin.

Additionally, Presperse tested further applications for its Pellicer ingredient in hair care products with very successful results. Pellicer, a peptide-like, plant derived active ingredient, is one of Presperse’s only hair care ingredients proven to repair damage from heat and chemical processing as well as improve the overall look and feel of hair. It can be used in a wide variety of hair care products, both rinse-off and leave-on. Testing showed that the addition of Pellicer to a simple shampoo was comparable and sometimes even outperformed the top-selling shampoo for dry, damaged hair currently on the market. Additional benefits to using Pellicer in hair care products include reduced static, increased volume, smoother hair fibers and prevention of further damage.

DKSH Business Unit Performance Materials strengthened its presence in Asia by expanding its infrastructure in India. DKSH moved into new offices in Mumbai that feature state-of-the-art innovation centers, one for the personal care and the other for the food and beverage industry.

Clariant completed Phase 2 of REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals) on May 31, 2013, with the registration of 255 different chemical substances. These include 155 dossiers submitted by Clariant as the "lead registrant," amounting to 5.3% of all substances registered for the first time in the EU in this second REACH phase.

Wacker has reorganized its distribution network in Poland for its Belsil brand silicone products for beauty product applications. Effective July 1, 2013, the IMCD Group-affiliated chemical distributor IMCD Polska replaced the previous distribution partner, Brenntag Polska.

People News

Extracts and Ingredients Ltd., a division of Morre-Tec Industries, Inc., announced the addition of Jacklyn H. Kim and Jenna L. Jelinski to its technical sales staff. Kim was appointed West Coast accounts manager and will be located in the Los Angeles area, while Jelinski was appointed East Coast accounts manager and will be located at the company’s headquarters in Union, New Jersey.

New Launches

To support the creation of hair care products that are both effective and consumer-preferred, the Xiameter brand from Dow Corning introduced a new paraben-free silicone emulsion for hair conditioning applications, Xiameter MEM-2664 Emulsion. Product developers responding to consumer desires for paraben-free products need alternative ingredients that are both proven and high-performing, and which Xiameter MEM-2664 Emulsion can offer. This emulsion is similar to Xiameter MEM-1664 Emulsion, a proven hair-conditioning agent, with the only difference being that Xiameter MEM-2664 Emulsion contains a non-paraben preservative. Both products enable product developers to deliver high-molecular-weight dimethicone through a water-based system. Both can be used to add conditioning and wet- and dry-combing benefits to shampoos and leave-in and rinse-off conditioners.

Acme-Hardesty Co., a U.S. distributor for Sharon Laboratories, offers natural preservative blends from Sharon Laboratories. The Sharon Biomix blends were developed to meet the growing worldwide demand for milder and greener formulations without compromising on performance. In cooperation with Biosecur Labs, Sharon Labs developed a group of preservatives for leave-on and rinse-off applications containing Biosecur Labs' unique organic citrus extracts. Biosecur C1605 contains potent citrus extracts with glycerine of natural source that provides excellent antimicrobial preservative efficacy against bacteria; Sharon Biomix Pure is a blend of citrus extracts in natural benzyl alcohol or natural phenethyl alcohol designated to protect natural personal care products; Sharon Biomix Free I and II are for those seeking antimicrobial protection to cosmetic products without using common preservatives, featuring a combination of Biosecur citrus extracts with certain fragrance ingredients; Sharon Biomix Clear combines Biosecur citrus extracts with phenoxyethanol for a blend that yields broad spectrum protection with efficiency against bacteria, yeast and mold; and Sharon Biomix Eco, a combination of citrus extracts with benzyl alcohol, can be a good solution for those seeking a green broad spectrum preservative blends.

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