Lipoid Kosmetik Launches at in-cosmetics

Lipoid Kosmetik has launched a natural antibacterial, anti-dandruff active, usNeo. The botanical active, derived from lichen Usnea barbata, contains the active ingredient usnic acid and can be applied in anti-dandruff shampoos and related hair care products. In vitro studies showed a reduction of dandruff by 69.5% after 28 days of application.

SLM 2038 Skin Lipid Matrix, a multilamellar cream, is produced from non-GMO sunflower phospholipids and is applicable in skin care products to protect the skin and support its natural barrier function by replacing missing barrier-lipids.

LC Herbasol is a new series of standardized botanical liquid extracts for cosmetic applications. These lead compounds are defined molecules, or a defined class of substances being most typical for a given extract. A range has been defined for each extract and lead compound, ensuring consistency and reproducable concentrations.

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