Pigmentbio Brightens Pregnancy Pigmentation


Pigmentbio by Bioderma was created to target hyperpigmentation and dull skin, whether it’s caused by age, sun exposure, pollution, hormonal imbalances, acne scars, pregnancy or genetic predisposition.

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The Pigmentbio products act on the skin to reduce hyperpigmentation and to preserve the skin’s barrier with key benefits:

  • The anti-inflammatory action of glabridin soothes skin inflammation to prevent pregnancy-induced hyperpigmentation (PIH).
  • The depigmenting action of andrographolide and azelaic acid limit melanin production by inhibiting tyrosinase.
  • The cell renewal boost of the key ingredient, Epidermactiv (INCI: Not Provided), brightens the complexion by triggering the removal of pigmented dead skin cells. The ingredient is secreted by a planktonic microorganism from a French river in Brittany.

A typical way to reduce hyperpigmentation is through dermatological depigmenting treatments such as laser, hydroquinone, liquid nitrogen, etc. However, these treatments can affect individuals differently in various climates; e.g., sun exposure is highly discouraged after certain abrasive treatments; and/or several of these approaches can be aggressive to the skin.

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Pigmentbio products can be used to complement a dermatological treatment or as a follow-up, for example, with a vitamin C concentrate. Consumers are advised to cleanse and prepare the skin with the H2O micellar water and exfoliating foaming cream; then to brighten and protect from the sun with the Daily Care SPF 50+; to diminish dark spots with the C concentrate; and finally, to brighten the complexion with the Night Renewer.

More information about these products can be found on Bioderma’s website.

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