Repel, Repeat: Merck KGaA’s IR3535 Sustainable Insect Repellant

Merck K Ga A Ir3535

Merck KGaA developed IR3535, ethyl butylacetylaminopropionate, as a safe and powerful insect repellent to both humans and nature.

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According to the company, IR3535 is an effective tool in formulations for benefits including mildness to the skin and to nature, a pleasant odor and sustainability. According to Merck, IR3535 is approved by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as being similar and natural amino acid β-alanine, which enables a safe repellent.

In the U.S., this ingredient is rated as a biopesticide approved for use in consumers of a variety of ages, including small children. In the EU, evaluation of the ingredient also resulted in no age restriction requirements. Furthermore, the World Health Organization classified IR3535 repellent as “Class U,” meaning “unlikely to present acute hazard in normal use.”

The clear, odorless liquid can be used in lightweight formulations such as lotions, sprays and aerosols. The ingredient provides lasting protection and safety. The active substance also is reportedly nontoxic to aquatic organisms, such as fish or algae, and does not accumulate in the environment.    

For more information, visit the Merck KGaA website.

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