Nanovetores Group Highlights Hand-washing Ingredients

Nanovetores Ingredients

Nanovetores Group has brought forth hydration and care for the increased habit of hand-washing during COVID-19 with two ingredients: NV Hydratech (INCI: Ammonium Lactate (and) Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Oil) and Nano Bioprotect (INCI: Not Provided).

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Alcohol gel is reportedly a skin permeation enhancer and its use in high concentrations can lead to the removal of skin lipid content, impairing the barrier and causing transepidermal water loss. This leaves the skin without a defense against external aggressors. To help prevent and avoid skin dryness, both NV Hydratech and Nano Bioprotect contain moisturizing, antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

NV Hydratech promotes hydration and supports lipid restoration. According to the company, the ingredient increases skin hydration by > 105% 4 hr after application, followed by maintaining hydration around 114% in a 48-hr timeframe.

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Nano Bioprotect is an antimicrobial blend of essential oils and a natural preservative with antiseptic and sanitizing properties. The company’s encapsulation technology is also employed, comprising capsules that serve as nutritional sources for microorganisms. This “traps” the microorganisms encountered by the antimicrobial blend, lowering the overall microbe count on skin.

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