DSM and LibraGen Partner for Catalytic Enzymes

DSM and LibraGen have partnered to produce a range of omega transaminases for the improved production of optically pure amine compounds.The two companies will develop chiral amine for a range of new catalytic enzymes.

Efforts to expedite and improve the purity of industrial scale enzymatic reactions are high on the list of priorities for the drug sector as it seeks to reduce its manufacturing expenditure in the face of increasing costs and competition. The partnership will utilize DSM’s expertise in chemical manufacture and proprietary expression platform, PluGbug, and LibraGen’s background in bacterial diversity based industrial process development.

The enzymes created from the partnership will convert a wide range of ketones, a commonly used group of chemical substrates in the drug industry, into pure R- and S-amines that have application in the booming active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and fine chemicals sectors.

DSM will produce the enzymes using its large-scale fermentation capabilities. LibraGen will sell the enzymes in kit form to manufacturers for screening activities and the development of biocatalytic processes.

The parnership reportedly will provide LibraGen with access to industrial customers in the fine chemicals, pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors. The financial details of the partnership have not been released.

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