Light-Modifying Skin Ingredient

Arch Personal Care Products introduced ChronoSphere Opticals and ChronoSphere Opticals Brite—ingredients based on clear, coated microlens spheres that blend with skin’s natural pigments to build, amplify and modify the color of the skin. The coating on the outside of the sphere changes the angle at which light enters the ingredient’s powder component. As a result, the focal point is shifted from the outer edge of the silica bead into its center to distort the image captured by a viewer. The modified image gives the illusion of a smoother skin surface and obscures imperfections. According to the company, the opacifying properties make the particle adaptable to every skin type, without causing a whitening or ashy appearance. In addition, the company claims ChronoSphere Opticals Brite neutralizes skin imperfections related to redness.

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