US Expansion, Halal Approval, Pigmentation Enhancer and More Beauty Ingredient News and Launches for Early January 2014

Naturex announced it is opening three additional sales offices in the U.S. in Dallas, Atlanta and Chicago. The new offices will help Naturex serve North American customers better, building on the outreach created through Naturex’s existing locations in South Hackensack, New Jersey, Toronto, and Costa Mesa and Shingle Springs, California.

Evonik Industries commissioned an examination of its plants in Essen and Duisburg, Germany, for compliance with Islamic law. Consequently, these locations are now classified as “pure” (tahir) and permitted, according to ritual Islamic regulations, and therefore evaluated to be halal. The Essen located is entitled to use the halal certificate for products manufactured there, including cocamidopropyl betaines, esters (sorbitan esters, glyceryl- and polyglycerylesters, glycolesters, sucrose esters and emollient esters) and fatty ethoxylates. In Duisburg, the halal certificate covers various esters (glyceryl- and polyglycerylesters, sucrose esters and emollient esters) and zinc ricinoleates.

Azelis Canada announced it has been appointed as the exclusive distributor for Bio- Botanica products for the Canadian life science markets.

Ruger, the pharmaceutical division of Vantage Specialty Chemicals, released its new Electronic Product Catalog.

People News

Alban Muller International founder Alban Muller was elected president of the Japan Cosmetic Center. The center is meant to become the hub of the beauty industry in Asia, leading joint research programs and reciprocal business development actions by connecting French and Japanese companies and universities.

Bio-Botanica appointed Christina Goetjen to the position of director, new business development for its food, beverage and flavor divisions.

New Launches

Symrise released a natural pigmentation enhancer developed from microalgae, SymBronze 1659. With SymBronze 1659, Symrise offers a natural bronzer that provides a healthy, natural-looking tan without the need for extended exposure to harmful UV rays. The ingredient is derived from the marine water microalgae Isochrysis galbana var T.ISO, and it reliably enhances the pigmentation of the skin. Its proven efficacy includes sunless self-tanning and an accelerated tan during UV exposure, and SymBronze 1659 can be used in many beauty product applications, such as sunless self-tanning creams, as well as products to prepare the skin for the swimsuit season.

Evonik announced it will launch Sphingony, a hair care ingredient created to prevent hair loss by balancing the hair cycle,strengthening the hair follicle and improving scalp health, at the 2014 in-cosmetics. The active ingredient is a naturally occurring, skin-identical sphingolipid that works to improve scalp renewal capacity, stimulate the formation of essential building blocks like proteins and ceramides, and improve scalp health by equalizing the microflora.

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