PEG-free Pigment Dispersant for Makeup and Sunscreen


Silube CST Di-25 (INCI: Bis-Succinoyl (and) TMP Lauryl Dimethincone) is an effective pigment dispersant for makeup and sunscreen formulations. It offers a silicone alternative that is free of polyethylene glycols (PEGs), providing a safer formulation for consumers.

Cosmetic chemists typically use silicones for aesthetic benefits, but recently there have been regulatory inquiries around cyclic groups, which have led to concerns. This specific ingredient is cyclic-free and reportedly suitable for cold processing. It also is an oil-in-water (o/w) emulsifier and pigment dispersant, creating a light, powdery and silky feel.

As noted, the ingredient is ideally used for mineral sunscreens and hybrid foundations because of its pigment dispersion capabilities. Internal studies found that 8% loadings of various pigments were dispersed well when mixed with the ingredient for 1 hr at 1000 rpm. The resulting blend displayed a small average particle size and narrow distribution.

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