[video update] Sederma's PoreTect and Hydronesis at in-cosmetics Global 2018

Skin after PoreTect
Skin after PoreTect

At in-cosmetics Global, held on April 17–19, 2018, in Amsterdam, Sederma launched new active ingredients, PoreTect and Hydronesis. 

According to Sederma, PoreTect offers a solution to cutaneous pore enlargement related to aging for an overall skin texture rejuvenation.

To read more about Hydronesis, click here.

The Details 

  • PoreTect contains a titrated amount of unprecedented natural cyclolinopeptides with a fully characterized sequence;
  • Cyclolinopeptides are associated with celery seed extract and reportedly provide a new approach to fight signs of aging and promotes a healthy and empowered skin;
  • PoreTect was created to improve the skin's architecture by reinforcing the pore collagenous sheath and bringing firmness, tone and density for a refined skin texture with a blurred and satin appearance; and
  • PoreTect is oil soluble and complies with the Chinese regulation for cosmetic ingredients.

For more information, please visit www.crodapersonalcare.com

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