Eco Smart® Containers Change Your Sustainability Footprint



Eco Smart® by Federal Package® is an earth-conscience sustainability solution for the global personal care market that is fully FDA compliant and made in the United States of America. The containers are made with a proprietary organic additive that helps the plastic start to break down in days, not decades, when disposed in a biologically active landfill. This proprietary technology enables our plastic lip balm, deodorant, sunscreen, or other containers to break down in biologically active environments while providing the same form, fit, function, design or color options.



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They have the same physical properties and strength as those manufactured without this additive, performing the same as their intended applications and usage conditions. These attributes will last until the product is discarded into a biologically active landfill. Our containers can be made with PCR, PIR or Bio-Resins. They are fully recyclable, but when they are tossed into a biologically active landfill they also break down, unlike normal plastics.


“Eco Smart differs from other degradable plastics, in that it does not contain starch, heavy metals, or other fillers that can produce microplastics which have been known to contaminate soil and water,” said Steve Dakolios, president of Federal Package. “The resulting biomass remaining after complete biodegradation is no longer a polymer. The scientific term for this residual is commonly referred to as biomass, humus or compost.”


ASTM D5511 (municipal landfill) and ASTM D6691 (marine) tests show biodegradation beginning in days and continues leading to significant bio-assimilation, shortening the time span the plastic occupies in a landfill from hundreds of years to several years.


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Most companies that make or use plastic products share our environmental concerns about the production and disposal of plastic. Everyone is looking for a solution above and beyond just recycling, since less than 17% of plastics in the U.S. are recycled every year. Tackling the root causes is required, a transition towards a circular economy for plastic, where plastic never becomes pollution.


Our containers maintain the benefits of traditional plastics and reduces a company’s environmental footprint. We have a practical, cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for brand owners to provide consumers biodegradable plastic products.



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With over 40 years of experience, Federal Package partners with our clients to provide the perfect manufacturing solution for your personal care business, all under one roof. From formula development and compounding to filling, decorating and retail-ready packaging, let us put our technology, creativity and experience to work for you. 


Eco Smart and Federal Package your brand, your product, only better.



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