Color Cosmetics Packaging & Ingredient Launches

Trends in color cosmetics continue to reflect the growing popularity of sustainability and versatility.
Trends in color cosmetics continue to reflect the growing popularity of sustainability and versatility.

Global Cosmetic Industry spoke with beauty insiders to highlight recent color cosmetics packaging launches.

Hybrid Packaging

Sarah Chen, marketing and communications manager, International Cosmetics Suppliers, says, “International Cosmetics Suppliers launched two versatile and sustainable glass packaging options as demand for hybrid beauty continues to rise. The line between makeup and skin care is blurring, meaning packaging needs to work with an even wider range of formulations and be able to facilitate their application on different areas of the face and body. Our ICS Exclusive Boston round glass bottles and low-profile glass jar were designed for this purpose. The bonus glass is not only aesthetically pleasing and compatible with a variety of formulations, but it can also be recycled.”

Chen continues, “Our glass bottles are available in both 15 ml and 30 ml sizes and come in neck sizes 18/410 and 18/415, so they can be matched with a variety of pumps, sprayers, droppers, or screw-on caps. Ideal for serum-infused foundation, liquid blush, highlighters, setting sprays and more. Our low-profile jar is 12.5 ml OFC, approximately 7.5 ml fill, and is perfect for concealers, lip masks, lip scrubs, pomades, primers—the sky is the limit.”

Mono-Material Packaging

Chloe Lin, senior vice president, Libo Cosmetics, says, “Venus Aluminum Lipstick is the recent launch Libo had in the past six months. The lightweight, mono-material aluminum lipstick creates a chic and luxurious exquisite look to lip packaging. Designed with the concepts of providing durability, luxury and recyclability, the Venus Aluminum Lipstick collection is truly an ally of the sustainability trend. In recent years, mono-material packaging has been growing in popularity. It is described as a product made from only one material. There are many advantages of using mono-material packaging compared to multi-material packaging, such as enhancing recyclable ability, reducing manufacturing cost and energy consumption, and much more. Among all the advantages, recyclability is one of the most important factors. With a refined aluminum case and shell, the Venus Aluminum Lipstick Collection, brings a unique product appearance that showcases luxury and sustainability can exist side-by-side. The mono-material design enables recyclability and promotes circular recycling. The material, aluminum, can be easily recycled and reused while retaining its quality.”

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