Catalyst Beauty Now Offering Supply Chain Management

Catalyst Beauty, which has worked in the beauty industry and been a silent partner with multiple beauty brands during the last 12 years, is now offering a service that allows small brands to focus more on sales and marketing. In addition to developing new products and managing the production process, Catalyst now offers supply chain management.

“The reality of this industry is that many new brands will fail,” says Catalyst Beauty founder Marianne Cronin. “But with Catalyst’s portfolio of services, we can eliminate many of the causes [of that failure] and offer clients a clear pathway to success.”

To succeed in today’s competitive marketplace, in addition to financing, new brands need a clearly defined raison d’etre, a clear point of difference, viable profit margins, products that deliver on their promise, and a distribution model coupled with an actionable media plan, including a dynamic social media campaign. Catalyst’s experienced team of project managers supports new brands through every phase of the process with a detailed timeline, a network of proven suppliers, and now, cloud-based software that enables clients to track every aspect of their project—finances, timelines, inventory and sales.

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