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2017 was all about inclusive beauty

What 2017 taught us, is that beauty is all about inclusivity. No matter the age, gender, race, or size, makeup embraces the diversity of consumers.

This trend has exploded with Rihanna’s brand Fenty Beauty and its 40 different shades of foundation. Individuality is also celebrated by the beauty brands. MAC is one brand celebrating the diversity and individuality through their expertise in makeup artistry. Moreover, customization is a new playground for the beauty industry. From now on, brands are enabling individuals to feel cherished, respected and unique. Personalization is now everyone’s top priority and brands are reacting.

Lash expression: Lashes are a reflection of your personality

Related to this trend, the new Lash Expression mascara family is all about daring to be who you want to be.

With their intuitive and simple designs, the new plastic mascara brushes are easy to use.

  • Burgundy mascara brush gives extra volume and definition. The staggered rows of bristles provide excellent separation for a fan effect.
  • Flamingo mascara brush brings volume and curl to the lashes. The curved brush enhances the natural curling of the lashes.
  • Nacarat eyebrow brush allows you to precisely sculpt the shape of your brows depending on your mood of the day!
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The Albéa Tips Studio: An incubator for innovative applicators in Europe and in the USA

Lash Expression, the latest applicator Collection by Albéa, is designed and manufactured by the Albéa Tips Studio. This unique program brings together all Albéa's applicator expertise and know-how: fiber and plastic mascara and brow brushes, lip and concealer applicators, eyeliner brushes and other cosmetic accessories. The Studio invents, develops and manufactures application solutions that revolutionize how beauty products are used and offer ever more varied make-up looks.

The original Albéa Tips Studio, the global center of excellence, is based in Bottanuco, Italy. Last summer Albéa opened a second Studio in Morristown, Tennessee for applicators made 100% in the USA. The Morristown Albéa Tips Studio, specialized in fiber mascaras, was opened to serve local brands in the Americas.

There is an Albéa applicator for every make-up effect!

Albéa is the global leader in cosmetic packaging, providing packaging and solutions, from tubes, lipsticks, mascaras, pumps to full-service, applicators, kitting and more. We serve beauty & personal care brands, be they heritage or indie, big or small, international or local. We offer global reach and local presence, thanks to a 38-site footprint across Europe, North & South America, Asia.


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