4 Ways to Speed Up Your Beauty Brand Innovation


A fast-growth, competitive beauty market requires speed and innovation. That’s why Voyant Beauty was formed as a full-service partner for bringing the most innovative personal care and beauty products to market—quickly. Integrating the extensive resource networks of Vee Pak, CEI, and Aware Products LA, Voyant brings proactive innovation in all that they do and offers the most responsive manufacturing model in the industry.


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Whether you are an emerging brand looking for innovation or an established brand needing manufacturing solutions, here are 4 ways Voyant Beauty will help your brand reach higher and go further.


1. The latest innovation

Voyant continually invests in enhanced processes and new formulas to ensure you stay ahead of the market curve.


2. Full-service & diverse infrastructure

Voyant has integrated the latest innovations into its network of 7 manufacturing facilities in the United States and Europe, featuring 2.2 million square feet of space, more than 115 filling lines and more than 1 billion units of installed capacity.


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3. Responsive manufacturing

This infrastructure drives Voyant’s flexible manufacturing solutions by adjusting capacity to meet your needs.  


4. Speed-to-market

Voyant’s integrated innovation and manufacturing can shrink timelines from weeks or months to days, generating quick turnarounds to get the best new products to consumers faster than ever before.


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