From Clean Beauty to Committed Beauty


The demand for healthy and eco-conscious products is taking the industry by storm. Fifty-two percent of consumers now check products for sustainable claims and 65% of global sales are generated by brands with social or environmental values, according to a report from Nielsen.

The same report found consumer brands that demonstrate commitment to sustainability outperform those that don’t. 

There is a major shift from historical purchasing drivers such as price and convenience, to new drivers that are totally in line with the United Nations sustainable development goals, including well-being, ethics, safety and equity. People are now asking for qualified facts and proof around brand ethical and sustainable practices. The need for transparency is greater than ever, and it does not only involve a brand or a product, but it now includes the entire supply chain.

Sederma decided to go beyond green product development and elevated the clean beauty concept to a committed beauty that benefits all. The way we work in partnership with all our stakeholders is a real evolution that guarantees our commitment to the most sustainable development goals: Transparency, safety, sustainability and ethics.

Be ACTIVEly committed

Discover how Sederma’s concrete actions in corporate social responsibility answers the consumer’s demand for more transparency. Let’s take a few examples of how sustainability, safety and ethics can be a true factor of innovation and a leading marketing advantage at the ingredient and supplier level:

Focus on Sustainability:

Majestem® - Visible lifting action on the neck and face

The ingredient:The ingredient:

Produced by Plant Cell Culture, an eco-designed process which enables to protect biodiversity by:

  • making a rare and slow growing plant accessible without endangering it.
  • avoiding intensive cropping.
  • enabling drastic water use reduction vs classical plant extract.

The supplier (Sederma):

  • ISO 14001:2015 and RSPO certification of our production site.
  • Climate Neutral Manufacturing certification for Sederma and Crodarom: 850 tons of CO2 neutralised through the Rimba Raya project in Indonesia for biodiversity protection of palm oil cultivation.
  • Evaluation of our processes against:
    • 12 principles of green chemistry + 2 additional principles implemented by the Croda group.
    • Internal ISO 26000 compliant evaluation grid.
  • Evaluation of our product impacts against an eco-socio-design evaluation tool

Focus on Safety:

Venuceane™ - Anti-ageing active offering protection against both UV and IR damage

The ingredient:The ingredient:
  • Natural ingredient.
  • Produced by biofermentation: a safe and pure process; very popular in the food industry and synonym of healthy food (e.g. the Kombucha drink).
  • Produced in a confined environment ensuring a maximum purity level without pollutants: no pesticides, no GMOs, no solvents (only water).

The supplier (Sederma):

  • 1/3 of our products are issued from super-clean processes (safe solvents from natural origin, limited preservative quantity).
  • Strong certification policy: OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 9001:2015, EFfCI Cosmetic Ingredient Good Manufacturing Practice.
  • Strong support to our customers regarding regulations, quality and safety issues.
  • Natural index calculated following the ISO 16128 standard for each of our products.
  • 7 out of our 10 best sellers have natural origin content ≥ 74%, with a significant increase expected by 2020.
  • 19 products in conformity with COSMOS standard.
  • Excipients of natural origin and the use of those that enable no preservatives are favoured: green pentylene glycol, vegetal glycerine…

Focus on Ethics:

Pacifeel™ - Improves comfort of sensitive and reactive skin.

The ingredient:The ingredient:

Ongoing supplier substitution of Mirabilis jalapa with a local French producer:

  • fair exchanges through a win-win partnership.
  • better transparency of the supplier’s social and health policies.

The supplier (Sederma):

A code of conduct built to share our values and CSR strategy internally and externally, to set up a sincere cooperative approach with our partners.

Sederma’s commitments:

  • Collaboration based on fair practices.
  • Respect of human rights.
  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment.
  • Preserve the environment and biodiversity.
  • Support local communities and their development.
  • Meet the needs of our customers.

All these natural products have features that support sustainability, safety and ethics. To discover all of them and our whole CSR strategy, please click here or contact your sales representative.


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