P&G Revamps Scope's Image

P&G’s iconic mouthwash brand Scope is introducing new branding and packaging that not only delivers the fresh breath consumers have come to know and love, but now encourages them to unleash their courage, one ounce at a time. The brand’s bold, new packaging and persona are intended to serve as the consumer’s partner in courage, helping them take on new challenges while still feeling confident.

The brand’s new persona is described as “Courage Encouraged” – a tingly, fear-destroyer that freshens breath and provides consumers with “kiss-ready confidence.” The Scope brand wants to propel consumers into taking more chances and put themselves “out there” like they never thought they could – all with the help of Scope.

“Inspired by our ‘live-out-loud’ consumers, we are introducing a new, bold brand identity to illustrate how Scope is not only the choice that consumers can rely on for fresh breath, but also to help them live courageously,” said Rishi Dhingra, marketing director, Procter & Gamble. “We want people to embrace every opportunity while feeling confident Scope will be there each step of the way to provide them with the fresh breath and confidence they’ve relied on for over 40 years.”

All three Scope varieties—Outlast, Dual Blast and Classic—will tout the new brand persona and packaging, while still delivering the fresh breath protection consumers have come to know from the brand, and the new Scope packaging is now available at mass retailers and drugstores nationwide.

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