Why J-Beauty is 'A Perfect Match for Today’s Younger Consumer'


K-Beauty, known for its fun and quirky products, and J-Beauty, comprising luxury and time-honored rituals, continue to make their way into the beauty routines of western consumers.

A recent blog post from The NPD Group, suggests that not only is it the novelty of these skin care routines that have western heads on a swivel but the back-to-back winter and summer Olympic games—in Pyeongchang, South Korea and Tokyo, Japan respectively—have peaked the interest in the culture of these two countries. 

However, it is J-Beauty that may come out on top when it comes to younger consumers. J-Beauty's simple approach to skin care is "a perfect match for today’s younger consumer," the blog post stated. 

Why J-Beauty Resonates with Younger Consumers 

According to NPD’s Women’s Facial Consumer Report 2017:

  • Women aged 35 and younger typically use 1-2 products a day—the overall average of products used is 3-4;
  • Japanese skincare highlights clean ingredients that nourish the skin and prevent issues from occurring in the first place; and
  • American ideals are shifting toward this concept and many young consumers are already actively seeking out products with these claims. 

For the full blog post, please visit: www.npd.com

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