Datamonitor Research Shows Consumer Concern With Natural Makeup Claims

More than 30% of consumers are concerned about the credibility of natural and organic claims made by cosmetic brands despite the high demand for natural makeup, finds Datamonitor. The research from the independent business analyst reveals that this could impact on the continuing success of mineral makeup.

As with any natural makeup, mineral makeup doesn’t need certification to make mineral or natural claims. Spurred on by this there’s been high growth in the market with makeup containing very low mineral content launching. In the U.S. alone the number of new launches of mineral makeup has increased every year since 2005 with nearly 160 in 2009 alone.

Vicky McCrorie, consumer analyst at Datamonitor, said, “In a market where brands have worked hard to convince consumers of the credibility of mineral makeup, the sheer number of new launches containing differing levels of minerals may make consumer trust difficult to keep.”

The strength of the market in the U.S. has come from the popularity of Bare Escentuals. The company has ensured that consumers see mineral makeup as credible by building a strong level of trust with consumers through the CEO demonstrating the product herself on TV and creating loyalty through word of mouth campaigns.

Strong global growth has been predicted for the mineral makeup market as a whole in the light the success of Bare Escentuals. McCrorie added, “While we expect Bare Escentuals to continue their U.S. success in Europe and Japan, particularly after being bought by the Japanese company Shiseido earlier this year, the brand will need to be careful to continue to set itself apart and keep the high levels of consumer trust to ensure they stand out in a market which may be in danger of saturation.”

“With no official validation for mineral makeup, consumers will start to become skeptical as more and more brands launch makeup with mineral claims. Therefore only the brands which have built the strongest trust with consumers like Bare Escentuals will continue their success.”

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