Caire Beauty Launches Skin Care for Women 40 and Up

Photo: Caire Beauty Duo.
Photo: Caire Beauty Duo.

Caire Beauty, a skin care line developed for women 40-years-old and up, has launched its first line of products.

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The line is said to have a hormone defying approach to the aging concerns of sags, bags and skin volume with bio-nutritive ingredients including a triple blend of hyaluronic acid.

The line includes:

  • Theorem Serum Boost, which contains HA complex and Caire’s Ultra Low Weight HA molecules. The HA Complex includes a growth factor peptide which naturally encourages a woman’s body to ‘"turn on" the latent HA molecules in her skin. 

  • Triple Life Molecule Masks, which contains three custom-created types of hyaluronic acids and fermented polysaccharides into a gel-based tightening infusion.

The products are designed to be used together for greater results. 

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