[video] L’Oréal and ModiFace Unveil Consumer-Geared Digital Skin Diagnostic



L’Oréal and ModiFace have announced the launch of a digital skin diagnostic for consumers, based on 15 years of research on skin aging by L’Oréal’s R&I evaluation teams and an AI-powered algorithm developed by ModiFace.

The first application of the new skin diagnostic will be Vichy SkinConsultAI, which launched in Canada in January 2019 and will roll out worldwide on the brand’s website later that same year. It will provide tailor-made diagnostics in three steps:

1. Users upload or take a selfie to or on the brand’s website

2. The technology detects seven aging signs—under-eye wrinkles, lack of firmness, fine lines, lack of radiance, dark spots, deep wrinkles and pores. They are analyzed and the user discovers their personalized skin aging matrix, skin strengths, and priorities to act on

3. Users receive a tailor-made product routine to address specific skin priorities

“As the #1 anti-aging brand in European pharmacies, we are proud to present SkinConsultAI, a true scientific milestone developed with dermatologists,” said Myriam Bekkar-Schneider, Vichy general manager. “For the first time, this technology allows all women to obtain a personal diagnostic to better understand their skin aging and to find a skincare routine tailor-made for them.”

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The algorithm was trained on 6,000 clinical images from L’Oréal’s R&I evaluation, and knowledge studies conducted with the company’s Skin Aging Atlases. Then a new model was created, based on 4,500 smartphone selfies for women in three groups (Asian, European and African descent) in four lighting conditions.

The L’Oréal Skin Aging Atlases include studies carried out in France, China, Japan, India and the United States on 4,000 women and men ages 20-80. They help predict the general aging of the face, and are used for clinical evaluations of cosmetic or dermalogical treatments.

“With the acquisition of ModiFace, we have started a second phase of L’Oréal’s digital transformation, focused on reinventing the beauty experience through technologies such as voice, AR and AI,” said Lubomira Rochet, L’Oréal’s chief digital officer. We believe that services will be the new gateways for discovering our brands and products. After virtual make up try on, virtual hair color try on, online beauty consultations powered by AR, L’Oréal and ModiFace are proud to unveil the first skin care diagnostic authentically powered by AI and science.” 

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