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[Waste-free Beauty] Part 3: Sustainable Ingredient & Formulation Advancements

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Beauty ingredients have gone to the next level in 2021.

Beauty ingredients have gone to the next level in 2021, driving forward with upcycled concepts, clean alternatives to conventional materials, biodegradable technologies and much more. Here, we round up the latest innovations fueling product development pipelines.

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Biobased Silicone Carrier

Siltech has revealed Silmer Sustain-H (INCI: C13-15 alkane (and) dimethicone/vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer), a silicone elastomer gel diluted in a sustainable bio-based hemisqualane carrier.

According to Siltech, Silmer Sustain-H not only exhibits performance benefits that are typical of silicone elastomer gels, but now offer the added feature of improved sustainability. The product is designed to provide cushion, moisturization and a silky-smooth sensorial feel in skin and sun care products.

Additionally, it provides uniform color and powder dispersion in makeup. And it reportedly exhibits a slightly longer time on skin than traditional elastomer gels offered in carriers such as cyclopentasiloxane or isododecane.

For the full article, check out Global Cosmetic Industry's July/August 2021 digital magazine.