Ungendered Beauty

Dave Castiblanco, Colombian androgenic model.
Dave Castiblanco, Colombian androgenic model.

Society is undergoing changes in mentality; as a result, the boundaries between male and female have begun to fade. Therefore, limiting users by gender may not be productive for the cosmetics industry.

In genderless beauty, independence and inclusion are more relevant than masculinity or femininity. As part of this trend, we find adjacent concepts such as gender-fluid, transgendered, non-gendered and androgenic, which promote gender diversity and gender redefinition and inspire product diversity and concepts in industries such as fashion, automotive, jewelry and cosmeticsa.

The fine fragrance category has advanced the acceptance of the genderless trend more than any other cosmetics segment. Brands in both luxury and mass market are innovating in olfactory routes, concepts and advertising.

That said, we are also seeing genderless launches in personal care, makeup and skin care. In makeup, we see an exponential growth of male bloggers and influencers for many brands, while skin care recently featured a very interesting launch of an anti-aging product with a concept that can be used by any human being. This is the gender revolution.

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