US Beauty Consumers Analyzed in New Infographic

Videology, an advertising technology company specializing in addressing audiences for agencies, advertisers and publishers in the online/mobile space, has released an infographic about U.S. beauty consumers, looking at buying habits, influencers, shopping location preferences and more.

According to the infographic:

  • Beauty product buyers are 96% more likely to be DIY enthusiasts, 88% more likely to married, 68% more likely to be parents, and 70% more likely to be body-conscious.
  • Almost a quarter of beauty shoppers discover new products through advertisements, while another quarter rely on friends. And while all age demos rely on ads to discover new products, these percentages peak in the 45+ demo.
  • Of the forms of advertising, respondents said the one that influences them most was TV (25%), magazines (22%), in-store displays (17%), online (9%) and newspaper/coupons (5%). Twenty-two percent marked "other."
  • When asked what most influences them to try a new beauty product, 25% said friend recommendations, 20% product ingredients, 15% celebrity endorsements, 12% testimonials/results, 11% sales promotions, and 8% professional reviews.
  • Most beauty shoppers visit drug stores (29%) and department stores (27%) for their beauty purchases, but one in 10 do their beauty shopping online, while 19% are going to specialty retail stores and 5% are shopping off TV infomercials and home shopping networks.
  • And a higher percentage of men said they rely on online reviews and blogs to find out about new grooming products compared to women. The 18–24 age demo for men is most likely to use the Internet to find out about new products, while the 25–31 age demo is most likely for women.
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