Johnson & Johnson Commits to Removing Certain Chemicals From Baby Products

Johnson & Johnson delivered a letter to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics laying out commitments and time lines for the company’s plans to reformulate all of its baby products worldwide to remove particular chemicals. According to the letter, signed by Johnson & Johnson vice president of product stewardship Susan Nettesheim, on behalf of CEO Bill Weldon, the company will:

  • Remove quaternium-15 and other formaldehyde-releasing preservatives from all of its baby products worldwide within two years.
  • Reduce 1,4 dioxane in all of its baby products to less than four parts per million (ppm). Long term, the company indicated it will replace the chemical process, called ethoxylation, that results in 1,4 dioxane contamination.
  • The company has already removed phthalates from all its baby products worldwide, including fragrance.

This commitment to remove chemicals of concern does not apply to Johnson & Johnson’s adult products such as those in the Aveeno or Neutrogena lines.

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