The Beauty Company Releases Latest Pink Report

The Beauty Company announced the publication of its newest Pink Report, “Let’s Get Emotional: Using Emotional Science to Segment the US Beauty Consumer.”

“’Let’s Get Emotional’ is a completely new way to think about beauty consumers. Our research has illuminated the deep, emotional connections women have to their favorite products and why.” said Alisa Marie Beyer, founding partner and CEO of The Beauty Company. “We also share for the first time the five emotional beauty spectrums that guide all purchasing decisions, as well as the key beauty consumer archetypes that make up the U.S. beauty market today.”

“Our research has revealed that when it comes to how women interact with beauty, there are five distinct spectrums: Beauty Importance, Beauty Knowledge, Beauty Attachment, Beauty Control and Beauty Anxiety,” Beyer continued. “A deeper understanding of where your consumer falls within each of these spectrums will not only help you keep her interest, it will allow you to tailor all brand communications to really speak to the consumer you want to keep—your brand loyalist, as well as capture potential new ones.”

To draw out these truths and get to the emotional heart of the consumer, The Beauty Company designed the study around these beauty spectrums. Post-fielding, it conducted factor analysis on the dataset in order to statistically validate the unique significance of each spectrum among beauty consumers, and then, once statistically validated, performed cluster analysis to divide the U.S. market into distinctive and meaningful emotional profiles that drive and shape the U.S. beauty market today. This led to the identification of the report’s key beauty consumer archetypes: the Diva, the All-American, the Classic, the Minimalist and the Bewildered.

These archetypes help define specific consumers, and the reports also looks at what makes them tick and how to keep their loyalty, including what sums up her style, her “beauty slogan,” and the key messages that matter to each archetype.

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