Report Tracks Growth of the Indian Salon Hair, Skin Care Categories

A new report from Reevolv on the Indian salon hair and skin care products industry shows the growth of salon products industry is a direct fall out of the surge witnessed in demand for salon industry in India. The report also notes that the salon products industry has seen a similar trend as observed in the salon industry due to the direct correlation of the services offered by salons and the products, which form the part of these services. The industry has seen a sea change from limited product offerings to a wider product portfolio especially targeted towards professional salon segment, and hair care and skin care are the main constituents of this industry. The two categories show a distinct trend, with hair care being dominated by a few international brands like L’Oréal, whereas the skin care category is highly fragmented with multiple options of domestic and international brands.

The report from Reevolv also discusses the difference between the Indian and global market, how companies are marketing their hair care brands in India, what the buying criteria are for salon products in India, market leaders in both hair care and skin care in India, the size of the salon hair and skin product market in India and brand presence across tier 1, 2 and 3 cities there, monthly expenditures on salon services by gender, brand preferences for skin and hair services, and much more.

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