Evolving German Men's Skin Care Market Presenting Sizeable Opportunity

According to Canadean, German men are increasingly image-conscious, leading them to seek skin care products that meet their age-based needs. Both anti-wrinkle formulations for older men and milder formulations for sensitive younger skin are growing in popularity, as is the desire among 25–44 year olds for preventative products to delay the initial signs of aging. Men are becoming more aware of the need for skin care as part of a daily ritual, and manufacturers have responded with a range of products designed to help men look and feel their best.

“The German skin care market is evolving from being more female-oriented to presenting a sizeable opportunity to target men with products that meet both their individual and age-based needs," says Sam Allen, analyst at Canadean. "However, manufacturers will still need their products to offer great value, as men are more likely to seek functionality over indulgence and will opt for effective skin care products.”

Canadean data shows that the desire for better value is high among consumers in Germany. With sophisticated private label skin care emerging in the market, manufactures must ensure that they highlight the superiority of their products in terms of formulation and ingredients. By reassuring consumers of the effectiveness of any claims their products make, such as anti-aging and anti-wrinkle formulations, brands can encourage consumers to seek value through trading-up for the best experience.

Consumer perceptions of private labels are changing, highlighting the need for brands to promote value, both through lower pricing and premium offerings. Allen adds: “Many consumers now believe there is little difference between more expensive and premium branded skin care and private label alternatives, and manufacturers must defend their market share from further erosion.”

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