Ampacet Launches Future Color Intelligence

Ampacet has launched Future Color Intelligence (FCI), a series of color consulting and design services for packagers of personal care products, cosmetics and other consumer products.

FCI includes an annual forecast of both global and regional color trends, tailored reports that translate brand positioning to color concepts, and Kaleid-A-Vision—a real-time, interactive design tool that speeds the process of selecting colors, special effects and textural elements. FCI also includes the company's Color Innovation Development Program and Total Bottle Cost Reduction program.

“Future Color Intelligence gives designers and brand managers new research on which combination of colors and effects will help them position their brands for success in the marketplace," says Doug Brownfield, strategic business manager, Ampacet. "This unique constellation of packaging services begins with a global view of emerging colors and extends to color design for speed-to-market and high shelf impact.”

The annual AmpaVision™ Color Trends Forecast offers a look at how packaging colors will evolve in the coming 12 to 18 months. The palette of 16 global colors (supported by four regional palettes) is based on socio-economic research into the global influences likely to shape future color preferences. This research on color and the global influences affecting it allows designers and marketers to reposition their brands to take advantage of the ever-shifting cultural landscape.
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