Exclusive: Health and Wellness Impact Israeli C&T

According to Euromonitor International, Israeli consumers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and more aware of the ingredients used in products, a trend that is encouraging local manufacturers to stop using chemicals in their cosmetics and toiletries offerings.

In 2006, skin care was one of the most impacted segments due to the addition of more clinically proven dermatological cosmetics, blurring the definition and differences of cosmetics and medical products. Hair care and sun care also recorded growth in organic products, as well as those with medical properties.

Awareness is expected to continue growing in Israel during the forecast period to 2011, as consumers become ever more sophisticated and alternative options increasingly available. Manufacturers will concentrate on more natural and organic types of cosmetics and toiletries, extending this to color cosmetics, bath and shower products and men’s grooming products in which there had been few natural variants available during the review period.

The use of natural ingredients will boost unit prices and increase overall value sales. For instance, in mature product groups, such as bath and shower products, the introduction of natural ingredients would be a way of raising unit prices above inflation that would be acceptable to consumers.

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