The State of Beauty

In September, InStyle magazine beauty editors addressed the current state of beauty across demographics at a breakfast at New York’s Time-Life building. Publisher Lynette Harrison hosted the event. The discussion focused on the demand for relevant brands and the changing state of the industry. One finding indicated that, with the rise of the Internet and increased access to a wide variety of products, women are showing less loyalty to products and regimens. “There has been a democratization of style,” said Amy Synott-D’Annibale, beauty director, InStyle. “Consumers (are) being influenced by such stores as Target, Ikea and H&M.” In response, prestige companies are coming out with mass lines, and obscure European brands are available at drugstores.

There is a growing demand for customization, with such retail emporiums as Fred Segal offering machines that create individual lipsticks based on customer’s desires. There also is a growing trend to create creams and lotions based on a consumer’s DNA. Dermatological procedures have become more mainstream, and alternatives to Botox, such as fillers and retinol creams, have strengthened the antiaging category. Celebrity trends continue to be popular, and makeup artists and hairstylists have become celebrities in their own right. Cosmetics tailored to a customer’s genetic profile, as well as nanotechnology, also are impacting the customizing phenomenon.
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