[video] How Data-driven Consumers Will Direct Beauty Innovation in 2024

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This video is sponsored by: Grant Industries

Where is the beauty industry headed in 2024? And why? Grant Industries has some answers, all of which are outlined in the company's latest annual trends report. Naomi Bedford, marketing manager for Grant Industries, Inc. and BCR BioComponent Research, explained in this sponsored video.

"The education of beauty consumers by the industry is starting to take hold. In return, consumers are demanding more clinical data that is truly verifiable," said Bedford. Why? "Because the consumer is voracious for knowledge. They want to speak intelligently, and they now know they can ask for more information of the brands." She added that consumers are even becoming more interested in ingredient suppliers and understanding how products are made.

Bedford also believes the hunger for information is driven by an increase in innovation, such as biotech in beauty, AI, personalization and customization. Several of these concepts underlie the major trends highlighted in the report. Here, wellness is the overarching idea, rounded out by three sub-categories: stopping to take care of oneself, customization and brands partnering with dermatologists.

Product concepts relating to these and other future directions are presented in the company's annual trends report; a few examples include peptide lip therapy, a sleeping mask and healthy scalp serum.

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