Seeking Consumers Through Scent

Scent occupies a special place in the brain, connecting with memory and emotion like almost no other sense, and to further connect to its consumers through scent, Procter & Gamble (P&G) is introducing a new element to its Gain detergent brand: FreshLock, a scent technology that encourages the detergent’s scent to be longer-lasting in clothes. P&G and Gain are introducing this effort because of recent market research done by Wakefield Research on behalf of P&G and Gain that showed 44% of Americans indicate a particular scent will help them wake up and get going in the morning. Additionally, 75% of Americans also want their clothes to have a just-from-the-dryer fresh smell when they put them on in the morning. The FreshLock technology helps accomplish this by using microscopic scent beads that rest in fabric after washing and drying, and break with the friction caused by putting on and wearing clothes. This allows the association with Gain’s scent and consumers’ experience with it to go farther than the laundry room. “We have seen the passion that people have for scent and the joy it can bring," said Hamilton Brown, P&G brand manager for Gain. "With the FreshLock formula, we are excited to help extend this joyful scent experience from the laundry routine to that moment of getting dressed each day.” This also helps further the positive associations between Gain detergent and freshly cleaned clothes, even days after being washed, and helps the detergent brand occupy a well-scented, fresh place in consumers’ minds.

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