Sephora, Firmenich Launch The Sensorium in Manhattan

Sephora and Firmenich announced the creation of The Sensorium, a multisensory, interactive fragrance exhibition. Now open to the public for the first time, The Sensorium is a dynamic experience that explores the emotion and instinct of scent through interactive experiences, compelling film, storytelling and three-dimensional art.

The journey includes six distinct encounters that encourage us to rediscover the magic of fragrance. They include:

  • The backstory of creation, revealing how we think, experience and interact with scent.
  • Our brains’ emotional reaction to fragrance, including the impact of a life without scent.
  • How scent connects everyday actions and memories, making them an integral, yet often unnoticed, part of our lives.
  • How molecules and extractions blend together to form a finished fragrance that embodies and evokes a unique emotion.
  • Our brains’ purely instinctual reaction to scent, where our most primal, uninhibited emotions are provoked.
  • The Fragrance Bar where, similar to a wine tasting, guests smell unbranded scents, discovering preferences based on emotion instead of marketing messages or bottle appearance.

“Fragrance is such an important part of our business, and our clients are always searching for the newest and most unique offerings,” said Sharon Rothstein, senior vice president of marketing for Sephora. “The Sensorium, created with the experience, knowledge and insight of Firmenich, offered us a tremendous opportunity to reengage, educate and excite about scent in an innovative way.”

“Firmenich has a history of inspiring industry partners with the magic inside fragrance through our Sensoriums,” said Debra Butler, vice president of creative marketing for Firmenich. “We are thrilled by the opportunity to work with Sephora to share the Sensorium dream with the people in a way that will educate about scent as well as illuminate its emotional impact on our lives.”

The Sensorium will be open for a limited engagement at 414 West 14th Street in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District from Oct. 7, 2011 through Nov. 27, 2011. The $15 admission is redeemable at any Sephora store, or toward any fragrances offered at the retailer’s fragrance bar. More information is available at to

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