DNA Renewal Pledges Younger-looking Skin


DNAEGF Renewal “takes years off skin’s aging appearance” using patented DNA repair enzymes encapsulated in a liposome delivery system and barley-extracted human epidermal growth factor grown in Icelandic waters and volcanic pumice, which promote skin cell recovery and renewal while defending the skin from future environmental, pollution and natural metabolic function damage, according to the company.

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The plant-based technology comprises active marine extracts and botanicals and offers results within 30 days.

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The five-piece range retails for $480.00 and includes:

  • DNA Regeneration Serum ($145), which “improves natural repair processes to reverse negative effects of daieply skin assaults from aging, stress, and the environment,” by fighting skin thinning, discoloration and bruising related to aging and sun exposure
  • DNA Intensive Renewal ($125), which boosts skin moisture levels and radiance and offers light-activated enzyme repair to combat UV exposure
  • DNA Night Renewal ($125), which reduces fine lines and wrinkles and supports the lipid barrier, while preventing age spots, skin thinning and wrinkles
  • DNA Eye Renewal ($70), which addresses dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and crow’s feet by plumping and firming the skin matrix, smoothing the skin through hydration and reducing inflammation with beta glucans and hyaluronic acids
  • DNA Defense SPF 30+ ($45), which protects skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays to counter photo-aging and cellular damage, while leaving skin feeling light and smooth
  • Foaming Cleansing Gel, which is appropriate for fosacea-prone skin, leaving it smooth and clean and touched with a light citrus scent


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