Duolab Creates Preservative-free, Personalized Skin Care Solution


Duolab introduced a personalized, preservative-free skin care solution with scientifically proven efficacy during the Consumer Technology Association (CES) 2020 in Las Vegas.

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The system offers the on-demand personalization of a blended, preservative-free and natural skin care formula that is said to adapt to the skin’s changing needs. The device is comprised of a range of capsules, including three moisturizing bases and five targeted concentrates, and a skin diagnostic tool. The tool first assesses the consumer’s skin requirements, then generates a personalized care protocol.

Cycle after cycle, the protocol recommends different combinations of capsules for morning and evening, taking into account each customer’s specific needs. A patented emulsification process delivers a blended single dose in 90 seconds.

Furthermore, the company’s thermo-cosmetic technology warms the cream to the skin’s natural temperature to boost its penetration and efficacy. Consumers can either buy their capsules on-the-go or have a set delivered monthly through a subscription.

Benefiting from the L’Occitaine Group’s research and development facilities, skin care formulation expertise and knowledge of ecological design and recycling, this skin care system has the potential to be scaled up across the group’s brand portfolio.

For more information on this product, visit the L’Occitane Group website.

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