Lock In Moisture with Buchi's Freeze-dry Tech


Buchi’s technology, Lyovapor, offers freeze-drying capabilities for water and organic-based solvents regardless of their future throughput size.

Residual moisture can be advantageous from a quality and functionality standpoint for molecules such as biopharmaceuticals and others, where there is no direct degradation pathway initiated by water.

The benefits of moisture in a formulation include protein structure retention; potential dry blood plasma formulation; and vitality maintenance, i.e., by avoiding the degradation of heat-sensitive materials.

The lyophilization chamber maps moisture using headspace analysis by frequency modulated spectroscopy. This provides a quick, non-destructive means to accurately measure the moisture content of samples and the quality of entire batches.

Buchi offers two different types of Lyovapors:

  • Lyovapor L-200, for freeze-drying down to -55°C, 6 kg with a level of automation.
  • Lyovapor L-300, for freeze-drying with continuous sublimation, with working and automatically hygienically cleansed condensers down to -105°C.

Along with these different devices, the company offers software upgrades and other solutions.

For more information, visit Buchi’s website.

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