McEwen Retires from CTFA

The Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association (CTFA) announced that Dr. Jerry McEwen, vice president-science, will retire. CTFA also announced that Dr. John Bailey, the current director of Cosmetic Chemistry at CTFA, will be promoted to executive vice president-science.

“Jerry has provided outstanding leadership over the past 25 years heading CTFA’s science programs,” said Pam Bailey, president, CTFA. “Through his extraordinary contributions, he has assembled and developed a first rate team in the CTFA science department, and has been a leader in articulating to consumers the sound science behind personal care products. Jerry McEwen has been an invaluable asset not only to CTFA but the entire cosmetics industry, and will be greatly missed.”

McEwen joined CTFA as ingredient safety coordinator in September 1980, having previously serving at the Stanford Research Institute. He was promoted to vice president - science in 1987.

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