Sytheon Finds Aryl Alkanones Protect Hair Against Dye-induced Damage

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Expanding on previous work with aryl alkanones, from which the company previously developed its Synoxyl AZ (INCI: Acetyl Zingerone) active, Sytheon has now developed a methyl ether of acetyl zingerone, Synoxyl MAZ (INCI: Acetyl Zingerone Methyl Ether). Without a phenolic function, the aryl alkanone can selectively chelate iron and copper ions but not the skin/scalp-friendly zinc or calcium ions, thus reducing the oxidizing Fenton reaction.

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The company patented these findings under U.S. Patent 11,077,035 entitled, "Hair Treatment Compositions and Methods." This marks the company's third patent.

According to Sytheon, aryl alkanones are the first products in this category identified with selective chelating ability, which can protect hair fibers and the scalp by reducing the oxidative stress generated during hair dyeing as well as bleaching, repeated shampooing, perming or other oxidative treatments. The patented compositions are also reported to provide color evenness and protection, and reduce scalp itch.

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