Soft-focus Effects Delivered by Fermented Cosmetic Filler


Sustainability meets effects in Eckart's new brand of natural cosmetic filters: Ecofil. Ecofil B110 (INCI: Hydroxybutyric Acid / Hydroxypentanoic Acid Copolymer) uses natural components while touching on other sustainability issues, including microplastics and biodegradability, to create soft-focus effects in color cosmetics and personal care.

The micronized polymer filler is derived from a naturally fermented nongenetically modified corn. It comprises micronized spherical wax particles, and is a white color that supports a clean aesthetic in formulations.

It can be used to create soft-focus effects to blur skin imperfections such as freckles and small wrinkles; intensify colors; boost the appearance of healthy skin; as a mattifier; or to alter formulation properties such as application behavior and skin feel.

The ingredient reportedly has good spreadability and enables fast development and cost-control in production.

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