New at in-cosmetics, Aloe Processing, Distribution Deals, and More Beauty Ingredient News and Launches for Early April 2013

Terry Laboratories announced a new development in its growing, harvesting and processing of aloe vera called the NaturLock System. It helps maintain a large percentage of acetylated polymannan polysaccharides, as well as a molecular weight distribution that more closely mimics Mother Nature. The company has started offering this system in its Aloe Vera Gel 1X and Aloe Vera Gel 10X materials.

Horn announced its Essentials' business unit is expanding its representation of Air Products' personal care portfolio to include the Rovi Cosmetics product line. Rovi offerings include the RoviSomet, Cellular ActivesT, CeraSomet and Nanosome product families. Air Products' previous acquisition of Rovi was a complimentary fit to its existing personal care product offerings.

Dow Personal Care selected Nexeo Solutions as a key distribution partner in the U.S. Through this new agreement, Nexeo Solutions will promote and market Dow product lines Acudyne hair styling polymers, Aculyn and Cellosize rheology modifiers, EcoSense APG surfactants, EcoSmooth anionic conditioning polymers, EpiTex 66 rub-off resistant polymer, Kytamer and MoistStar HA+ moisturizing agents, Methocel rheology modifiers, Opulyn opacifiers, Polyox lubricity aids, SoftCAT and UCare cationic conditioning polymers, and Ucon emollients and solvents.

New Launches

Aiming to help restore the youthfulness of skin, Presperse debuted Lumiesse, its latest anti-aging active ingredient. According to Presperse, “skinflamm-aging” is a result of a combination of processes resulting in thin, dull, uneven skin with fine lines and rough texture. Controlling inflammation is a key factor to preventing and reversing aging, and this, in combination with antioxidant protection, can stifle and even correct the visible signs of the aging process. Lumiesse combines the anti-inflammatory power of natural plant extracts with a stable form of vitamin C. And antioxidant protection combined with a boost in collagen improves texture and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Lubrizol released its Carbopol Ultrez 30 polymer. This rheology modifier in the family of Carbopol polymers offers good electrolyte tolerance, high thickening performance in a broad pH range, and a rich, distinct sensory in challenging skin care formulations. Its improved electrolyte tolerance and broad pH compatibility makes it ideal for formulating products with botanical extracts or water-soluble salts, as well as acidic actives or ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acids, salicylic acid or organic acid preservatives at a pH range as low as 4.0–4.5.

Dow introduced two new offerings at in-cosmetics, including solutions for skin care and cleansing applications. The MoistStar HA+ Moisturizing Technology offers longer-lasting skin moisturization when compared to equivalent levels of hyaluronic acid used alone. In addition, Dow is also inviting customers to shape the sensory benefits of future skin care products through interactive demonstration sessions within its booth, as well as present an Innovation Seminar as part of the in-cosmetics educational program.

Gattefossé is focusing on red fruit for its launches at in-cosmetics 2013. The company will add cherry and cranberry waters to its Original Extracts line of vegetal waters, which now complies with the COSMOS standard. The company’s Original Extract Cherry Bio and Original Extract Cranberry Bio are 100% certified-organic, transparent waters obtained with a novel, mild extraction process, followed by evaporation and condensation. These waters are alternative sources of water that are suitable for the formulation of organic or natural skin care, hair care, makeup and toiletries.

Impact Colors is introducing five new colors in its Fiesta line of synthetic mica pigments at in-cosmetics. Using iron oxide and silicone oxide as coating materials in such a way as to achieve color travel in two very unique fields on top of the base color of the pigment, the new Gemini pigments may be used alone or in combination with classic colors, such as burgundy or red. The company is also featuring its Rice Exfoliator Vision Beads and Bamboo Exfoliator Vision Beads at the event.

Also at in-cosmetics, Ashland Care Specialties is inviting attendees to discover new ways to deliver on the imaginations of consumers everywhere. Exhibiting under the theme “Imagine. Collaborate. Succeed.” Ashland will demonstrate how the company’s consumer insights, technical expertise in product development, and new ingredient innovations are helping beauty manufacturers. The company will discuss its global technology centers and regional laboratories, a biofunctional ingredient inspired by the matrix-forming system of the skin and a polymer technology demonstrated to advance the performance of antiperspirant formulations with a minimum of aluminum salts, as well as Lubrajel BA hydrogel, a novel solution for mouth moisturization. The company will also showcase its HydroSheer sun care formulations in the event’s H2O Trail exhibit and demonstrate its augmented reality visualization and development process.

DKSH Business Unit Performance Materials is presenting raw materials from Asia, such as Glico’s Pos-Ca, a source of calcium that is highly hydrosoluable, and Venture Chemical’s Luminere Glitter, which helps achieve unique hologram effects, at in-cosmetics. Additionally, the company is announcing distribution agreements with Oryza, a product of functional cosmetic raw materials that is based in Japan, and Berkem, which produces stabilized polyphenols and is based in France. For the Oryza agreement, DKSH is expanding their existing collaboration in Asia to Western Europe (excluding France), and for the Berkem agreement, DKSH will exclusively cover Germany and Scandinavia for the polyphenol company.

Solvay is showcasing a hair care demonstration with the hairdresser David Mallett at in-cosmetics. This will include 4-1 Revolution, an intensive creamy care to wake up your sense (for dry or ethnic hair); Spark it up!, a Smart foaming shampoo and light conditioning (for natural, long and thin hair); Care with Ethic, a shampoo friendly to the scalp and environment (smart conditioning system for bleached and colored hair); and Bubbles Up!, light conditioning and creamy foam for frequent use (for natural, long and thin hair). The demonstrations aim to change the way consumers perceive the ingredients within a shampoo and will demonstrate the importance of having high performance products for hair care while not compromising on the well-being and sensorial experience when shampooing.

Naturex will feature a collection of African plants—kigelia, hibiscus, green rooibos, kola nut and coffee—at in-cosmetics. Their rich and varied phytochemical profiles make them choice raw materials for the design of high potency extracts, and this Magic of Africa collection was created from a selection of plants with the ability to address these three main principles: the efficacy of their traditional or modern use has been documented; they can be sustainably and responsibly cultivated in partnership with small producers; and they are part of a process to preserve biodiversity and traditional knowledge. Also, it will showcase Aurealis, one of its NAT beauty stars, which has demonstrated its effectiveness on skin glyco-synthesis via a new clinical study.

At in-cosmetics, KahlWax is presenting new products that satisfy the growing demand for organic ingredients. The new organic portfolio includes a petroleum jelly replacement, a certified organic myrica fruit wax and a white organic beeswax. KahlWax will also be presenting a versatile new rice-bran wax that can be used to lend consistency to oil gels such as lipsticks, hair wax and mascara. Kahl Organic Jelly 7236 is a petroleum jelly replacement based on natural, organic certified raw materials. This semi-transparent, stable, homogeneous jelly is easy to emulsify, exhibits outstanding compatibility with polar emollients, and leaves the skin feeling soft. KahlWax 6279 reduces the stickiness of cosmetic products, stabilizes lipsticks, has spreading characteristics, and exhibits excellent styling properties in hair gels. Its spicy, slightly balsamic fragrance also makes it suitable for use as a natural, vegan perfume. Organic KahlWax 8138 bleached is refined from crude organic beeswax from the honeycombs of the Apis mellifera honeybee, and sourced exclusively from beekeepers who are certified by an EU-registered or EU-approved organization. And KahlWax 2811 is a slightly yellow, natural ester wax extracted from rice bran. When combined with beeswax, it lends gloss to lipsticks and makes them able to withstand high temperatures.

People News

Gelest announced a number of new appointments and promotions. Greg Hertenberger has joined the company as product manager, silanes and metal-organics while Matthew Suits comes aboard as facilities manager, and Sean Nichols has joined as purchasing manager, responsible for the procurement of raw materials for Gelest’s manufacturing operations. Additionally, Adrien Salomon has been promoted to production manager, with responsibility for managing day-to-day production activities and staff, and William Fry has been promoted to Controller while Greg Vuk was made logistics manager.

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