Strategic Expansion, Superfood Ingredients, and More Beauty Ingredient News and Launches for Early August 2014

Croda announced the Ecocert approval of two of its transparent grades of mineral UV filters, Solaveil CT-300 (titanium dioxide) and Solaveil CZ-300 (zinc oxide).

The HallStar Company announced a strategic expansion of its natural functional ingredients portfolio with the recent acquisition of the Florasolvs natural esters product line from FloraTech. The acquisition includes the FloraTech trade names and proprietary manufacturing technology for the Florasolvs-series brand natural esters, including the PEG-150 Hydrogenated Jojoba, PEG-120 Jojoba, PEG-80 Jojoba, PEG-16 Macadamia, and PEG-10 Sunflower product lines.

In announcing its financial results for the first half of 2014, Symrise reported it remained on a successful course, increasing sales 6% in local currency to €942 million. Sales rose in all regions—Latin America recorded the strongest growth dynamics with a sales increase of 12% in local currency while EAME grew sales by 5%, and Asia-Pacific and North America increased sales by 6% and 4%, respectively.

In reporting its second quarter 2014 financial results, Clariant saw sales from continuing operations rise 6% in local currencies. In Swiss francs, sales decreased 1% to CHF 1.53 billion from CHF 1.54 billion in the second quarter 2013.

Floratech appointed Safic-Alcan Italia, located in Milan, as its distributor in Italy.

The personal care business unit of Naturex has become a member of the Union for Ethical BioTrade.

Rahn published a new study with on its Illumiscin ingredient, which works to eliminate age spots and illuminate skin. An in-vivo study was carried out in European winter (first month) and spring (second and third month). This study revealed that, following the application on the back of the hands, Illumiscin had a lightening effect on age spots under winter sun (depigmentation) and inhibited new pigment formation under spring sun (repigmentation). It could also be demonstrated that Illumiscin controlled age spots without lightening the surrounding skin.

KahlWax announced it will be presenting two self-emulsifying waxes, KahlWax 5109 and 5115, as well as many other products from the company’s portfolio, at the SEPAWA Congress. Kahlwax 5109 is based on sunflower and carnauba wax, and Kahlwax 5115 combines the benefits of rice bran wax and myrica wax and is specifically optimized for use in oil/water emulsions.

Evolva announced the acquisition of Prosarix Ltd., which offers in silico (computational) modeling company focusing on small molecule identification, design, biosynthesis and function.

Brookfield Engineering announced two hands-on courses, the Practical Course on Viscosity Measurements and the Lab Day/Advanced Viscosity Test Methods, for fall 2014. These courses are designed to help users comprehend the functionality of their instrument, solve the mysteries of fluid behavior, and create successful and repeatable viscosity test methods for use in both R&D and QC.

New Launches

Croda announced its newest products derived from superfoods: Hydroastivum P for moisturization and anti-irritancy properties for the hair and skin; and Crodasone P for protection against cuticle cracking caused by heat and styling damage. Hydrosativum P is a highly moisture-retentive biopolymer that exhibits powerful moisturization properties in hair and skin care formulations. It immerses the skin with moisture to improve firmness and elasticity, which promotes younger-looking skin, and its additional anti-irritancy properties are ideal for skin and scalp care. Hydrosativum P is naturally substantive to a variety of hair types from different ethnicitie,s binding to moisture and hydrating hair at a wide range of humidities, increasing hair plasticity to help prevent breakage. And Crodasone P is an advanced copolymer that offers proven protection against cuticle cracking caused by common hair styling practices. Due to its complex polymeric structure, Crodasone P cross-links on drying to form a conditioning and protective network that offers functional benefits to all types of hair care products. It is ideally suited to leave-on styling products or conditioners claiming heat defense, but is also can be effective in rinse-off applications such as shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments.

Lonza Personal Care announced the launch of its latest hair care innovation, the Laraquat specialty conditioning polymer for hair care applications. Based on a natural extract (galactoarabinan) from larch trees, this patented product provides key conditioning benefits, such as improving hair manageability and protecting hair from humidity, reducing frizz significantly. The larch tree extract is a natural polysaccharide polymer that is linked with sugar units consisting of galactose and arabinose. It is then enhanced through a quaternization process that makes the Laraquat specialty hair-conditioning agent more substantive to hair. It can be used in a variety of hair care formulations.

Innospec announced new addition to its Iselux line of surfactants—Iselux Ultra Mild. A concentrated surfactant blend developed for use in ultra-mild cleanser applications, Iselux Ultra Mild is tear-free and extremely gentle on skin and hair. It is approximately 80% naturally derived from renewable plant-based resources, and it is an optimized blend designed for ease of use. It can be cold processed and produces stable formulations while only requiring the addition of water for dilution and electrolytes and/or pH adjustment for viscosity control. Also, Iselux Ultra Mild produces clear formulations and provides a dense, luxurious lather and soft after-feel.

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