Ingredient Launches: Fighting Underarm Odor, Improving Skin Texture and More

Greentech designed an active to fight underarm odor while maintaining skin microbiome homeostasis. Probiophyte Fresh inhibits the proliferation of the underarm bacteria Brevibacterium epidermidis from the genus Corynebacteria but respects proliferation of Staphylococcus epidermidis, a bacteria that produces bacteriocins essential to counteract pathogens. The active is recommended to improve the effectiveness of deodorant, foot sprays or lotions without compromising the epidermis. Additionally, the company launched a range of oily actives named the GreenSofts. These constitute a line of functional active ingredients that will offer solutions for several beauty categories. Through this venture, Greentech developed Soft Butters, GreenSofts that combine properties of Soft Butters with higher feel sensory and auto-emulsion capacities. The GreenSofts can be easily included into formulations such as cleansing creams, cream-oil body washes, in-shower body lotions and more to help offer a silky and soft touch formulation. They also can boost the biological activity. 

Symrise launched SymVital AR, a 100% pure and natural ginger root extract the works to improve skin texture and the smoothness of stressed skin, decreasing wrinkles and enhancing complexion regularity. It also helps to reduce signs of sun damages in less than two weeks. SymVital AR is suitable for all complexions and ages. It protects and improves skin smoothness, complexion regularity and homogeneity of the challenged and stressed skin, and its antioxidant and soothing activities provide skin-protecting and -caring properties. 

Impact Colors announced Nature XFol, a new line of Candelilla Beads Exfoliators created specifically to replace polyethylene microbeads. Candelilla wax is obtained from the candelilla plant, which grows wild in the desert in northern Mexico and southern Texas. After processing, the resulting candelilla wax is 100% natural, chemically stable, hard enough to exfoliate and yet easily moldable. The wax is a safe nonirritant for the skin and is even ingestible, which makes it an option for toothpaste. Additionally, the Nature XFol line is available in colors and special effects pigments, including white, yellow, red, blue and green. 

Under the name BergaCare SB Organic, Berg + Schmidt now offers a shea butter certified as “Organic/Bio” under the strict criteria of Ecocert Deutschland GmbH. This natural raw material’s high content of unsaponifiables gives it excellent moisturizing properties, and, due to its healing effects and excellent skin compatibility, shea butter is ideal for many beauty formulations, such as for baby care or dry skin care. 

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