November 2014 Ingredient Launches from Lipotec, Swallowfield and RiceBran Technologies

Lipotec, a Lubrizol company, introduced an active that fights cellulite at night. Nocturshape blue ingredient is an exopolysaccharide obtained through biotechnology from a planktonic microorganism. It targets the expression of the circadian gene nocturnin in adipocytes, which peaks at early night. Fat reduction was found to be more effective with the active than with caffeine.

The ingredient’s slimming profile is further complemented with its efficacy in reinforcing the dermal matrix through type I collagen, which contributes to reducing visible fat nodules that characterize cellulite. The active is said to reduce cellulite after 15 days in body care formulations for global anti-cellulite, slimming and firming products specified for nighttime application. 

Swallowfield PLC developed an aerosol spray for body butters, believed to be the first of its kind. The aerosol was created using a new material, which together with the formulation, shear-thins the thick texture of a body butter to create a rich product that can be sprayed. The aerosol ensures the products are not only easily and cleanly dispensed, but unlike jars, are not exposed to the environment and are therefore protected from contamination.

The launch product will combine shea butter and passion flower oil, and there are plans to create a whole spray range of butter and oil blends. The new aerosol packaging is 100% recyclable and available in 75 mL–200 mL sizes. 

RiceBran Technologies developed a series of rice bran-based finished products for the personal care and nutricosmetics markets. These offerings will be sold as private label finished products on a B2B basis. Rice bran contains gamma oryzanols, ceramides, vitamin E and UV-absorbing compounds that help protect and maintain skin health by promoting hydration and elasticity. The company’s initial product offerings are based on rice bran and derivatives, as well as rice bran oil. Products include hand and skin creams, anti-aging serum, exfoliants, moisturizers and other treatments, and were formulated at the company’s Healthy Natural facility in Irving, Texas.

RiceBran Tehnologies is in discussions with a number of potential partners to launch its products through a variety of distribution channels and expects the initial products to reach consumers in the fourth quarter of 2014 and the first quarter of 2015. 

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