3-D Printed Skin Focus of L'Oreal-Organovo Deal

L’Oreal, which has been pursuing skin-testing models, and Organovo have entered into an agreement surrounding 3-D printed skin tissue for use in cosmetic testing protocols. The technology could conceivably allow L’Oreal to test ingredients and products on printed skin tissue models without impacting humans or animals.

Commercial terms were not disclosed.

The agreement gives L’Oreal exclusive access to the skin tissue models for the development, manufacturing, testing, evaluation and sale of non-prescription cosmetic, beauty, dermatology and skin care products and nutraceutical supplements.

There remain development, validation and commercial supply phases ahead, which are subject to standard performance criteria and early termination provisions. L’Oreal will make upfront payments and payments for upfront deliverables, which will be subject to licensing and royalty terms.

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