Highlights from the 2014 NYSCC Suppliers' Day, New Appointments, and More Beauty Ingredient News and Launches for Late May 2014

During Croda Inc.’s Annual Suppliers’ Day Press Breakfast, the company’s Sederma division presented a window to the future of cosmetic actives by sharing how the company is leveraging its expansive testing capabilities with newly acquired plant cell technology to uncover and harness unprecedented cosmetic benefits from nature. Sederma’s acquisition of IRB (Istituto di Ricerche Biotecnologiche) has given the company access to powerful technology that is allowing for the select amplification of new active ingredients from nature. The company illustrated the capabilities of this new technology with examples of two skin care actives launched after the IRB acquisition. Senestem, an anti-aging ingredient shown to manage micro-RNA to visibly reduce the characteristic signs of skin senescence; and Sebuless, an all-in-one solution for oily skin that addresses key underlying causes of sebum overproduction and associated blemishes.

Floratech opened a stocking warehouse in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Shipments from this warehouse began in May 2014.

Lonza Personal Care expanded the scope of its relationship with California-based Deveraux Specialties, LLC. Deveraux is now the exclusive third-party distributor for Lonza’s full line of personal care products – actives, functional ingredients, and preservatives—in the western United States, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products Company launched a virtual Cosmetics Science Center offering free, video-on-demand, cosmetic science training modules. The new cosmetic science training website is designed for new product developers and formulators, experienced formulators desiring a refresher and marketing, or sales professionals working in the industry who would like some basic technical training in the area of cosmetics science.

Sharing Values, the current corporate report from Symrise, provides a comprehensive account of the company’s performance in the 2013 fiscal year and shows how the company is creating value for all. With a target group-oriented inter-linking of its corporate media, Symrise continues to follow the principle of integrated reporting.

The Business Unit Inorganic Materials of Evonik Industries will raise the sales prices for its silica products, metal oxides and matting agents as of June 1, 2014. The fumed silica and metal oxides are sold under the brand names Aerosil and Aeroxide. The precipitated silica are well known under the brand names Ultrasil, Sipernat, Sident and Acematt. The prices will be increased by up to 8%, or as contracts allow. This measure is needed to secure sustainable supply.

People News

Honeywell appointed Heidi Lebel as global business manager and Alice Tenny as technology manager for Honeywell’s Asensa Personal Care Business. In this role, Lebel will manage the global distribution network for Honeywell Asensa products, with overall responsibility for the sales and innovation pipeline. She will work closely with Tenny, who will be responsible for managing all aspects of research and development, including new product development, for the business.

Brookfield Engineering announced the appointment of Gerhard Baumann as the new managing director for Brookfield GmbH, headquartered in Lorch, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. Baumann takes responsibility for the full line of Brookfield laboratory instruments including viscometers, rheometers, circulating water baths, texture analyzers and powder flow testers.

Alchem International hired Tom Schrier as vice president of business development and sales. Schrier will lead Alchem’s presence in the U.S. as it continues to expand its footprint in the dietary supplement, cosmetic and e-cigarette industries.

Fitz Chem announced Manette Epright has joined the company to provide deeper and broader formulation and technical expertise to its Care Chemicals customers and suppliers.

New Launches

schülke’s new Euxyl K 900 ingredient contains a multifunctional preservative booster to increase the microbiological stability of beauty product formulations. Naturally occurring substances tend to be more organism-specific and can have color and odor issues. By using gentle synthetic materials, activity level, color and odor of Euxyl K 900 can be controlled precisely and standardized. The consistency and availability of these synthetic materials can also be managed to create a more sustainable formulation. Euxyl K 900 also contains a common fragrance component that exhibits antimicrobial activity. This activity is boosted by the addition of ethylhexylglycerin. The combination can be used to provide antimicrobial stability to a variety of cosmetic formulations.

BASF presented its diverse range of ingredients at the 2014 NYSCC Suppliers' Day event, as well as its Beauty in the Raw concept—ancient beauty rituals that are at the heart of many of today’s personal care and cosmetic products. Highlighted ingredients included Perlaura, a water extract from the roots of Meadow Bistort (Polygonum bistorta) participates in the maintenance of the dermo-epidermal junction (DEJ) and dermal capillary cohesion for a combined optical and biological radiance effect; Cetiol Ultimate, a fast-spreading emollient for skin care products; Ultrahold Power, a new styling polymer delivering superior performance from hair spray formulas; Z-Cote LSA-UC, a naturally derived, uncoated, broad-spectrum UV filter; Radianskin, a pure molecule that visibly reduces dark spots from the face and hands; Slim-Excess, a red algae hydrolysate with proven efficacy on both face and body reshaping; and Vibracolor Moonlight Blue, a hair dye characterized by its great color intensity and excellent light and wash fastness.

Coast Southwest introduced Olivatis, a new line of high-performing emulsifiers derived from olive oil. These ingredients impart a luxurious skin feel and an elegant texture while providing stability to a finished beauty product. Olivati emulsifiers are natural, sustainable, PEG-free and ideal for non-ionic systems. Olive oil has long been an ingredient for herbalist and cosmetic preparations due to its lubricating, restructuring and skin-protecting properties. This new generation of emulsifiers work well in green chemistry formulations, are stable, simple to use, and add a light, silky feel to the skin.

The Lubrizol Corporation showcased new innovations in both hair and skin care at the NYSCC Suppliers' Day event. Chromapol 5 Polymer is a new technology offering five key benefits to deliver rheology and sensory innovation in hair color applications. This unique polymer allows for cutting edge product offerings such as clear gels and glossy creams with very pleasant aesthetics. Chromapol 5 delivers no-drip rheology, is free from fatty alcohols and provides pleasing hair sensory, especially when combined with Merquat conditioning polymers. Carbopol Silk 100 Polymer is a new polymer technology targeted for shampoo applications. Carbopol Silk 100 delivers cost efficient salt synergistic rheology that provides powerful suspension even at low surfactant levels. It also contributes to conditioning performance in applications using conditioning polymers and silicones. And Carbopol Aqua SF-1 OS Polymer is a new acrylates copolymer grade targeting pigmented formulations used in skin care, sun care and color cosmetic applications. Carbopol Aqua SF-1 OS polymer enables formulators to achieve excellent emulsion stability and desired aesthetic properties in challenging systems containing pigments and electrolytes at levels required to deliver efficacy. The resulting formulas offer the user better protection and even tone in sun care, skin-perfecting, and color cosmetic products.

Bayer MaterialScience featured its latest raw material for hair care treatments—Baycusan C 1008, a nonpreservative polymer dispersion designed as a film former that is appropriate for many hair styling or hair care products such as pump sprays, certain aerosol sprays, creams and lotions—at the NYSCC Suppliers' Day 2014 event. Thanks to its elasticity, Baycusan C 1008 film former provides strong, long-lasting hold, which enables excellent high-humidity curl retention. Several formulating advantages, such as being easy to handle, ready to use, and allowing for high formulation flexibility when compared to existing hair fixatives, make Baycusan C 1008 film former stand out from the crowd.

Floratech announced the launch of its biodegradable scrubbing beads, which can act as a biodegradable alternative to microplastic beads. Ecobeads are a proven biodegradable, low-cost, effective exfoliant with quality skin feel. They also are guaranteed to be free from polyethylene and other microplastics and suitable for daily use. Ecobeads are available in many standard colors as well.

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