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[Update] Top Beauty Brands Among Influencers: Traackr

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Kylie Skin ranked among the top five brands in two categories. Photo: Kylie Skin's Facebook.

Traackr has launched its Brand Leaderboard for the United States, United Kingdom and France which ranks beauty and personal care brands based on how effective they are at generating conversation from influencers.

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Traackr’s Brand Leaderboard benchmarks the performance of a brand's influencer generated content on social media based on four criteria: number of posts, activated influencers, engagements and proprietary VIT score, which measures visibility, impact and brand trust.*

The following is the Beauty Brand Leaderboards for the United States.

Top 5 Brands Based on VIT 

  1. Kylie Skin: 62.4K

  2. KKW: 58.4K

  3. Kylie Cosmetics: 55.3K

  4. Rare Beauty: 32.9K

  5. Sephora: 28.8K

Top 5 Brands Based on Activated Influencers

  1. Sephora: 2,019

  2. Anastasia Beverly Hills: 1,596

  3. Colourpop: 1,576

  4. Fenty Beauty By Rihanna: 1,477

  5. NYX: 1,364

Top 5 Brands Based on Influencer Posts

  1. Redken: 8,186

  2. Colourpop: 5,973

  3. Sephora: 5,292

  4. Anastasia Beverly Hills: 5,158

  5. Benefit: 4,338

Top 5 Brands Based on Engagements

  1. Kylie Cosmetics: 36.7M

  2. Kylie Skin: 35.2M

  3. KKW: 28.3M

  4. Rare Beauty: 23.2M

  5. Morphe: 19.5M

Per the company: "Inherent in the brand vitality score are three components: visibility (reach of content), impact (engagement generated) and trust (quality of content on brand image). Each is measured separately and combined to generate a single score."